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  • These are not stocks which will necessarily go green on a given day. These are stocks that are volatile enough that you will make a quick turnaround if you trade them as noted below.
  • There are never any assurances in the stock market. Securities fluctuate all the time, and there are times when this cannot be predicted.
  • It is almost always about your entry and exit positions. When you enter a stock is very important. Play it safe, look for the dip, and do not be afraid to sell "too early."
  • Look out for news. This is critical. If news has come out, or if there is an earnings call, this very well could affect the accuracy. Our algorithm factors recent earnings and news, but when they have just come out, it is impossible to quantify because of the relative unpredictability.
  • We are not responsible for any losses you accrue. By signing up, you recognize that we are not responsible for your trading behaviors and any subsequent consequences of such behaviors.