Stock Rocket

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use this website for?

  • This website is best used in conjunction with your own DD!
  • We are not recommending any one particular stock, we are only offering guidance!
  • A rule of the stock market is to trust, but verify.
  • We offer another tool to help you make educated decisions, but your money is your own!

Who are you guys and why did you make this?

  • Hi! Our names are Gabe, Chris, and Max!
  • We are three college students from Brandeis University, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of Texas at Arlington respectively.
  • We embarked on this project originally because we wanted to create a more objective way for novices and advanced traders/investors alike to trade and invest in the companies they might be interested in buying in.
  • We set out to create a hub of information to assist traders in getting to the moon!

If you guys have found such a good method, why are you charging?

  • The first - and perhaps the least obvious - reason is that once we have garnered enough attention, our penny stock algorithm could be easily abused. We don't want to become another factor that one must predict in the stock market, and because penny stocks and stocks under 2 dollars can be easily manipulated, we believe that having everyone know what stocks our algorithm suggests could cause a quick pump and dump. This, in turn, creates a less effective algorithm and an unfair trading environment for those who want to learn and make money fairly!
  • The second reason is because the schools we go to and the secondary schools we want to go to DO cost money, and we don't have so much free capital to invest in all the stocks we run through our algorithm.
  • Finally, we believe that compensation for work is necessary regardless of how much money you are making from the product you create. We have severeal resources created for free, so if you are unable to afford the services we charge for, please feel free to check the side!

Do any of you own shares of stocks that your algorithm recommends?

  • We may or we may not, depending on whether we are trading during a certain time period.
  • We use this algorithm as a tool to help us determine what stocks we want to day trade, for example, but it depends on whether or not we have time to trade.
  • That being said, we have no influence over what stocks our algorithm recommends, as it is completely automated.

How It Works

How accurate is your algorithm?

  • The algorithm we have created is consistently mapping out trends in stocks once they break out so it can consistently update itself and better predict when a stock is going to increase!
  • That being said, we are a tool like any other. We do not recommend blindly trusting anyone, not even us. Smart trading involves knowing what you are buying before you buy it, and recognizing that there is always risk involved!
  • That being said, we have no influence over what stocks our algorithm recommends, as it is completely automated.

How does the algorithm work?

  • The algorithm weighs the importance of certain stock market indicators and determines whether or not it will act as a good predictor or not.
  • The algorithm is learning in that it constantly gives a greater weight to the indicators that are better at predicting certain trends.

Do you guarantee that a stock will increase based on the algorithm?

  • The stock market is composed of humans, who are definitionally irrational.
  • As a result, we can only map trends and look at the history of stocks to determine whether or not it will be likely to increase.
  • We are unable to 100% predict anything and, as a result, we are not guaranteeing profit.
  • A lot of trading is getting an ideal entry and having an ideal exit. The onus of trading is always on the trader.

Your algorithm didn't work, what the hell?

  • Sorry to hear that you're having trouble! First, please check whether or not news came out on the stock.
  • Second, recognize that trading gives no guarantees. The algorithm is another tool to add to your trading arsenal. It would be foolish to rely solely on one tool to finish a job that requires several! Never trade unless you feel totally confident.
  • Feel free to contact us at